Cookies policy

Policy concerning the files of Cookie type


This document regulates the policy for the use of cookies by FIMA MOTORS SRL, with the headquarters in Bucharest, 54 - 56 FETESTI Street, 5th floor, 3rd district.


What are Cookies?

Cookie means a file of small sizes, composed of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipments of an user from which the internet is accessed. The Cookie is installed by the request issued by an eb-server of a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome) and is completely “passive”, meaning it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access the information from the user’s hard driver.


What are the Cookies use for?

These files make possible the recognition of the user’s terminal and the presentation of the content in a relevant mode, adapted to the user’s preferences. Once saved, the cookies are read and recognized by the website in the case of some successive accesses. The Cookies allow the website to recognize the user’s browser. The Cookies are used mainly to remember the choices done by the users (e.g. chosen language) and to recognize the recurrent users of the website.


Do the Cookies contain personal data?

The Cookies itself do not request personal information to be used and, in the majority of cases, do not identify personally the internet users. The personal data collected by the use of Cookies can be collected only to facilitate certain functionalities for the user. This data is secured in a way which makes impossible the access of unauthorized persons to it.


What types of Cookies exist?
There are different types of cookies, which are used depending on the necessity:
Technical cookies: allow the view of website, the correct functioning, the creation of an account and autologin. These are necessary for the website to function correctly.

Cookies from third parties: In some cases, third parties (an external organization which supply services to us) put a cookie on the device to be able to obtain information related to the navigation customs, which identifies the use of certain supplied services. An example can be that of a cookie of a third party which indicates that a person has clicked on a link which redirects to our website from a search performed by Google or other search engines. The policy of cookies from third parties is not part of our policy for the use of cookies. For more information contact directly the sellers of third parties.


Your options concerning the cookies

There are many methods to manage cookies. The settings which you use are susceptible to change your navigation experience on Internet, as well as the conditions of your access to any services which need the use of cookies.

You can configurate your program of navigation on Internet to allow cookies to be stored on the data terminal, to reject it automatically or to reject those from certain issuers. Also, you can configurate your program of navigation on Internet such that you are asked immediately if you want to accept or reject the cookies before a cookie is saved in the data terminal.

(a) Acceptance of cookies
It is the right of an user of a data terminal to decide if the cookies will be accepted or not on that data terminal. The use is free to choose and to modify it ay any time by the settings associated with the program of navigation on Inter used on the data terminal.

If the program of navigation on Internet is set to accept cookies on your data terminal, then the cookies used on the web pages which you have visited will be stored temporarily in a dedicated are on your data terminal. This will be read only by the issuer.

(b) Rejection of Cookies
If you choose to reject the cookies on your data terminal or if you remove any already stored cookies, you will not be able to use a series of functionalities which are necessary to search on certain sections of our website. For example, it would be the case for the access to any content or services which ask for authentication. This thing is applied, also, in the case of technical compatibility, when we or our services providers cannot recognize the type of program for the navigation on Internet which you use on your data terminal, the language and default display or the country from which your data terminal is connected to Internet.

If the program of navigation on Internet is set to reject the cookies on your data terminal, we take no liability for the consequences related to the damaged functioning of our services resulted from the impossibility of storing or viewing the cookies necessary for the complete functioning of the website and of our services.


Why are cookies important for Internet

The Cookies represent the central point of the efficient functioning of Internet, helping to generate a friendly navigation experience and adapted to the preferences and interests of each user. The rejection or deactivation of cookies can make some websites impossible to be used.

The rejection or deactivation of cookies does not mean that you will not receive any more online advertisement - but only that it will not take into account your preferences and interests, emphasized by the navigation behavior.


Security and problems related to confidentiality

Cookies are NOT viruses! It uses plain text formats. These are not composed of pieces of code, so it cannot be executed or self-run. Consequently, these cannot be duplicated or replicated on other networks to run or replicate again. Because it cannot fulfill these functions, it cannot be considered viruses.

Because the protection of identity is very important and represents the right of each internet user, it is indicated to know the eventual problems which cookies can create. Because information between browser and website can be submitted constantly in both directions by cookies if an attacker or unauthorized person intervenes during the submission of data, the information contained by cookie can be intercepted. Even though rarely, it can happen if the browser is connected to the server using a non-encrypted network (e.g. an unsecured WiFi network).


Cookies which we use on our website

Under the reserve of your choice to allow cookies, when you open our website, we can install various cookies in your terminal, allowing us to recognize the program of navigation on internet of your device during the validity period of cookies.


The Cookies which we issue are used within the purposes described below:

- drafts statistics and volumes of traffic and measures the use of various sections of our Website (titles and content to visit, flows on which you click), which help us improve the value and utility of our services;

- stores the information from any form which you fill in on our website (for registration or to access the account) or concerning the services or information which you have chosen on our website;

- allows you the access to the restricted and customized areas of our website, such as your account, based on usernames, passwords and other data to which you have given us access priory;

- implements security measures, such as when you are asked to connect again to a content or service after a period of time.